When you take a systematic approach to managing issues such as quality, environmental impact, safety and security – whether inside your organization or along your value chain – you put in place the building blocks of sustainable business performance. Our belief is that tomorrow’s successful companies will be those that create value while meeting the world’s economic, social and environmental needs. We partner with our customers in most industries to help them address today’s challenges while building a safe and sustainable tomorrow together.

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Services we provide across all industries:

Management systems certification

This is a systematic approach to understand, manage and respond to our customers’ most critical risks. Certification against recognized standards assesses compliance but also how well the management system supports the most critical business objectives and builds stakeholder trust.

Product assurance

Product certification can be a ticket-to-trade certification of compliance against required quality and safety standards and is increasingly linked to stakeholders demanding assurance of acceptable standards, i.e. product sustainability.

Supply chain management

Managing what goes on in supply chains requires addressing issues from environmental impact to workers’ rights, to quality and safety. Actions can range from assessing procurement and supply chain management practices, to certifying supply chain management systems, and auditing, assessing and training suppliers.

Sustainability strategy & reporting

Creating a sustainability strategy requires identifying, understanding and prioritizing the social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities most significant to a company’s stakeholders. This becomes the basis for aligning the organization, especially integrating sustainability into management practices. Reporting sustainability can provide compelling evidence of performance.


Equipping employees with awareness, knowledge and skills is essential to any organization’s success. No matter how well processes and procedures are designed, they are only as good as the people implementing and executing them. Whether a quality system or a complex design

process, training helps companies embed systems in their way of working so they may manage today’s challenges and build a robust foundation for the future.