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Stakeholder survey

Stakeholder survey

If you have been asked to participate in the survey – please take 5-8 minutes to share your views. The responses will help us to further develop our strategy, set targets, implement business actions and report our performance regarding these topics.

On an ongoing basis, we engage with both external and internal stakeholders to find DNV GL’s most important risks, opportunities and impacts on economic, environmental and social topics. Our stakeholders include customers, owners, employees, suppliers, regulatory bodies, industry associations, civil society organisation, research institutions and media. To direct our efforts to what our stakeholders find important, we regularly conduct materiality assessment reviews. The ongoing stakeholder survey will provide input to update the areas we report on in our Annual Reports from 2018 onwards. 

We are working with the market research agency Kantar TNS/ Norsk Gallup, and the survey will be open from 23rd November to 17th December 2017. 

Beyond this survey, we welcome all input regarding important topics and strive to incorporate stakeholders’ views in the way we run and develop our business. With our strong global foothold in many industries, close to 100,000 customers, 13,000 employees and involvement in a range of partnerships across industries, we aspire to deliver value in the short and long term.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at