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Nézőpont felméréseink a GFK nemzetközi kutatóintézet támogatásával kerültek végrehajtásra, melyek során felkértük közösségünket, hogy mélyrehatóbb és részletesebb visszacsatolást nyerjünk a kiválasztott témában,  munkabiztonságtól kezdve, a vízgazdálkodásig. A közös nevező valamennyi felmérésünkben az, hogy a vállalatok hogyan építhetnek a fenntartható üzleti teljesítményre.

Viewpoint Archive 2020

Competitive advantage through supply chain resilience

The pandemic has challenged supply chains worldwide.

What matters to consumers when buying food & beverage products?

Food safety is clearly the primary concern for consumers, and they tend to trust brands to provide it.

Viewpoint Archive 2019

Privacy & Information Security

The strategic role of data protection is still unclear for many companies, and only small minority welcome it as a business enabler. According to 34% of companies, new digital technologies such as sensors, blockchain, and smart-tags, pose threats to data protection.

Food safety: What’s next to assure its future?

According to the World Health Organization, over 200 diseases are spread through food and one in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food. Much of the burden of unsafe food is preventable through sound food safety management.

Viewpoint Archive 2018

Is your supply chain fit for the future?

Companies continue to face increasing demands to demonstrate that sustainability considerations are taken into account not only in directly controlled operations but across the entire value chain as well.

Does Occupational Health & Safety matter?

Over 7,600 people die from work-related accidents or diseases worldwide daily. A further 374 million persons are estimated to suffer from work-related injuries and illnesses. Companies are facing increased pressure from stakeholders to ensure occupational health and safety issues along their supply chains.

Viewpoint Archive 2017

Do companies care about the Environment?

While being 'green' used to be an option, it is now central to companies' success. (Summer 2017)

Where are you on the Risk Management journey?

Today's business environment is characterized by complexity, rapid change and volatility. In this context of uncertainty, companies are implementing Risk Management through a process integral to decision making in order to create and protect value.(Winter 2017)

Are companies resilient enough to climate change?

Climate change is affecting our planet right now, disrupting national economies and people’s lives. The costs are borne by people, communities, companies and countries on every continent

Viewpoint Archive 2016

Integrating sustainability into the core business.

Seizing the change.

Are you able to leverage big data to boost your productivity and value creation?

ncreased connectivity, new capabilities for capturing, storing, processing, presenting data, and transmission of large volumes of varied data at high velocity have developed significantly in the past few years, resulting in the potential availability of extensive data sets to most companies.

Viewpoint Archive 2015

Is your company’s data secure?

Information Security is a topic that is increasingly rising on companies’ agendas. Companies have to make sure that their corporate data and intellectual properties are safe

Saving energy today for a brighter tomorrow

This survey among 1,557 professionals shows that while most companies see the cost benefits of energy efficiency measures, the majority lack a clear strategy, concrete targets and a systematic approach to energy efficiency throughout the organization.

Is water the next carbon?

We have in cooperation with with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and supported by the international research institute GFK Eurisko, investigated the water management approach adopted by companies in different sectors in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Viewpoint Archive 2014

Is your supply chain fit for the future?

This survey found that businesses are making concrete efforts to take sustainability issues into account, despite the lack of either clear standards or a harmonized frame of reference.

Does occupational health & safety matter?

The survey explored the way occupational H&S is managed, the main risk areas and the main initiatives implemented in different world areas and sectors by our customers.

Do companies care about the environment?

This survey shows how corporate strategies take environmental issues into account, especially when it comes to companies in high risk industries.

Viewpoint Archive 2013

Sustainable Product: what's your approach? (2013)

The survey was carried out in June 2013 and explored the need to deliver sustainable products, the current capability to deliver them and what sustainability of products means to our clients.

Management of the Food & Beverage Supply Chain: cost or opportunity? (2013)

DNV GL - Business Assurance and GFK Eurisko carried out a survey on the management of the Food & Beverage supply chain.

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